WHAT IS RABIES? Rabies is a viral disease that affects the spinal cord and brains of mammals, it is mostly transmitted from a rabid animal and also through and open wound. Though rabies is preventable, it has a 100% vitality rate. HOW CAN MY DOGS GET RABIES? Basically, rabies is gotten from wild/stray bats, dogs, […]

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Your pet’s dental health

Dental health is essential to your pet’s overall health, and dental issues can cause or be caused by other health issues. Your veterinarian should examine your pet’s teeth and gums at least once a year to detect early signs of a problem and maintain your pet’s oral health.

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How to prevent tick bite

Ticks can be a severe health problem for your dog. They can transmit diseases to your pet, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If you have a dog with these conditions, or even if your pet has an allergic reaction to ticks, it’s essential to take steps to prevent tick bites.

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