How to keep your dog safe during the hot weather

Keeping your dog comfortable in hot weather requires preparation and forethought. In addition to enjoying the fun as the weather improves, it is necessary to consider your dog’s safety in the heat. The objective is to limit the risk of heatstroke and maintain the health and happiness of your dog. We’ve compiled our top dog care advice for hot weather, so you can enjoy the sun while keeping your dog safe.

Recognize the signs of heatstroke
When your dog cannot control their body temperature, heatstroke is one of the most common ailments in dogs during warm weather. Excessive panting and drooling, very red gums, vomiting or diarrhoea, and weakness are among the symptoms. In the absence of treatment, heatstroke can be fatal.
It is crucial to keep an eye on your dog during hot weather to prevent them from overheating. Never leave them alone in a car, even with cracked windows, and make sure they have enough shady locations in the garden and the house to retreat to when the temperature rises. If you feel your dog is experiencing heatstroke, please take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Change your walking schedule
On a hot, sunny day, taking your dog on a long walk may be enticing, but doing so can be dangerous for him. When the earth is cooler in the morning or evening, walk your dog then. This will not only protect their paws but also make them more comfortable.
Even brief walks on hot roads, asphalt, or synthetic grass can cause considerable pain and burns to their paws. Even on a lovely day with a light breeze, asphalt and tarmac can reach 52°C when the sun is at its peak. Place the back of your palm on the ground for seven seconds to determine if the pavements are too hot to walk on. It is too hot to walk your dog if you struggle to hold your hand down.

Use dog-friendly sunblock
Similarly to humans, dogs can experience sunburn if they are not well protected. Short-haired or white dogs with pink ears are susceptible to sunburn, so you must take extra precautions to protect them.
It is crucial to apply dog-specific sunscreen to your dog’s sensitive parts (nose, lips, belly, and ear tips) and keep them out of the sun during the warmest portion of the day. Visit a veterinary clinic in Nigeria for guidance on a dog-friendly sunblock and your pet’s specific needs.

Circulate cooling air
Set up a few fans in various areas or, if you have air conditioning, use it to maintain a pleasant and comfortable home. This can help prevent your dog from overheating and provide them with a cool spot to go when they do. Maintaining closed curtains or blinds will also reduce the heat that enters the windows. Be cautious that tiled floors can also become hot when exposed to direct sunshine. Keep oscillating fans and exposed cables out of your dog’s reach to ensure his safety.

Make sure they stay hydrated
During warm weather, dogs must drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Whether at home, in the garden, or on a walk, providing ample fresh, clean water is crucial.
There are numerous ways to encourage your dog to drink more water, such as playing with yard sprinklers, making pet ice pops, and flavouring their water. You may also wish to invest in a portable water bowl or bottle to ensure your pet has something to drink while out and about. If you are truly stranded, they will gladly drink from your hands.

Wet towels
As dogs cool themselves off from the bottom up, their paws and stomachs mustn’t become overheated. Providing your dog with wet towels or blankets to rest on is a simple and efficient approach to keep them cool in the heat.
Run the towel under a cold faucet and wring it out to make a portable cooling mat that can be used anywhere in your home or garden. Remember to refresh it frequently to preserve its effectiveness. You might also invest in a cool mat, an excellent way to keep your dog cool and easily accessible online.

Provide shady locations
If your dog enjoys playing in the garden, it is essential to provide numerous shady spots where they may escape the sun. The shade provided by trees is superior to a dog house since it allows for open-air circulation. Observe how the sun travels during the day, so your dog always has a place to sit in the shade. To encourage them to stay out of the sun, you could build a makeshift den with their water dish, a moist towel or cool mat to sit on, and their favourite toys.

Little exercise
Even though providing your dog with ample exercise is always essential, you will need to minimize the amount during warm weather. Your dog might easily get overheated and dehydrated from excessive physical effort. Walk with your dog instead of jogging, and avoid exercising during the hottest portions of the day. Don’t forget to remind children to play less vigorously during hot weather.

Groom Regularly
Grooming your dog can aid in temperature regulation, especially if they have long or thick fur. In addition to regular brushing to remove shedding fur, consider trimming it to allow more air to reach the skin’s surface and cool it. Shaving your dog can make them susceptible to sunburn. Instead, see your veterinarian or dog groomer regarding your dog’s summer coat.

Get wet
Playing with water is a fun and effective technique to keep your dog cool during hot weather. Set up a sprinkler or a small wading pool to cool them off as they play in the garden. Always watch your pet while playing near water, and never allow them to swim unattended. For puppies or older dogs that enjoy chewing, you may purchase chew toys that can be frozen; these are another fantastic alternative for busy your dog in a shady area with a toy that he can enjoy.

In conclusion, during the hot weather, try to keep your dog safe by keeping them inside; if they have to go outside, try to provide a safe place.
If you need more information about caring for your pet, let us know. Your Innova veterinary team will help you and your furry friend. Schedule an appointment today to speak to our veterinarian.

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