Our partnership is all about the veterinary professionals, the hospitals, and the business working together to ensure we are offering innovative, quality, and affordable care across the veterinary ecosystem.

Innova partnership is intended to offer a wide range of solutions to our veterinary partners. We work with government, large and small animal hospitals to plan, design and, develop a sustaining veterinary business. Our modern approach add values and standards to your business.

Our Goals

We know that running a successful veterinary practice comes with many challenges, and that is why we are here to partner with you by

  • Creating a veterinary practice driven by technology and that offers advanced care that improves the health of animals.
  • Helping veterinary providers to keep operating expenses down and increase revenues.
  • Initiating, adapting, and growing partner businesses through our relationship.

Discover What we Offer

Our team will work with you to design, install and set up every aspect of your business. We offer joint partnership, acquisition, or brand replication based on your veterinary needs and on our business agreement.

If you believe that any of our programs fit you or you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Business Portfolio

The business portfolio venture is designed for established hospital owners and governments interested in using Innova’s standard of veterinary practice to model their hospitals/ clinics.

Startup Portfolio

To start, run, and grow a veterinary business is not an easy task. As with any other business, the process can be impaired with many challenges. From the onset, we provide you with the business and operational supports needed to mold your practice.

Part of our mission is revolutionizing the veterinary operations in Nigeria. We help vet startups looking to own and operate their veterinary practice operate effectively and adapt to changing technology.

Our startup portfolio empowers new vets to create and build a sustainable business from the get-go.

Acquisition Portfolio

For a veterinarian at the edge of retirement, feeling a little burned out or moving to a new location but want to avoid getting stuck, we can take over the practice ownership and keep the business going.

When we acquire your practice, you can choose to keep your unique identity or we work out a partnership plan for all parties based on our acceptable agreement.

Become a Partner

To become an Innova Vet partner, contact us below.

New Clients

Innova is the place that cares for you and your pet’s health. As a new client of our practice, you can expect our full attention to your pets.


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