- For Dog Breeders

Are you interested in improving your dog conception rates as well as fast-track puppy sales?
At Innova, we partner with purebred dog breeders across Nigeria offering them the best canine breeding services available. As our canine breeder’s partner, we are with you from pre-breeding exams to whelping. Our goal is to develop a good relationship with you ensuring that your dog and her pups are in good hands. We provide routine and emergency care, testing, and reproductive procedures.

Program Benefits

  • Free pregnancy exam and diagnosis
  • Free advertisement of your puppies on our social media
  • Free showcase of all newborn puppies at our hospital for potential Customer (every 1st Saturday of the month)
  • Access to professional consultation
  • In-house progesterone testing

To learn more, please complete the form below and one of our vet specialist will contact you

Terms And Conditions

  • Subject to screening
  • One dog per a breeding program
  • Program is valid for the time of the pregnancy through whelping
  • One enrollment per pregnancy cycle
  • Limited to the first three breeders in a month (subject to availability)
  • Must have been a breeder for more than one year

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Emergency Service

Call : 0817-027-9442