Ultrasound Imaging

We can perform imaging services on small animals or companion animals like dogs, cats,rabbits and horses

Our imaging systems allow us to capture high-quality images of soft tissues and bones. With our experienced imaging specialist, we can greatly assist with evaluating and accurately diagnosed complex imaging procedures for clients and the referring primary care vets with our imaging equipment.



As veterinarians, we perform ultrasound imaging to gather information about some specific organs or tissues of the body through the use of high-frequency sound waves.

X-Ray (Coming soon)

This is one of the methods used to examine or capture an image of the entire body and it is useful for diagnosing various conditions such as locating a foreign body or object, determining if there is a fracture in a bone and assisting veterinary professionals in the detection of cancer in a body.

Veterinary Referral

Imaging solution for veterinary providers

Innova Vet works with Veterinary surgeons by providing imaging services that help veterinarians make an accurate and effective diagnostic decisions…

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