When Traveling With Your Dog or Pets: Things to Consider

Pets are like our family members. Hence it is sometimes difficult to leave them behind while going far or on a vacation. Many people prefer to take their pets with them, even when they are traveling by airlines. However, buying an airline ticket is not enough. You must also take care to follow some guidelines while taking your pet to avoid any displeasure or discomfort for you, your pet, or any other external sources. Listed below are some of the things to consider while traveling with your dog or other pets.

1. Understanding the airline norms for pets:

Understanding what your airlines requires you to do regarding carrying your pet on board is important. Sometimes the airlines would need you to pay an extra fee for the pet, the amount dependent on whether the pet would ride in the passenger area of the plane or in the cargo section. Mostly, tiny dogs that can fit in a small carrier and stowed under the seat in front, are allowed in the plane without much of an issue. However, the dogs are not allowed to wander the isles. If the dogs or other pets are too big then they would have to fly in an airline approved pet carrier in the cargo section. The airline would insist that you label the carrier with proper identification and final destination details to avoid any confusion.

If you are able to go an extra mile and add some food and proper padding for the dogs, it is much appreciated. It is advisable to take a direct flight to your destination when traveling with your pets as the baggage handlers could be careless and your pet could miss the connecting flight.

2. Procuring a health certificate:

Before the airlines let your dog travel with you, they would need to see a recent health certificate, preferably by your veterinarian. The vet should examine your pet and fill out the certificate as accurately as possible. Basically the examination is conducted to find out if your pet is in good health and can travel without any issue. Do check with the airline if there are any particular test the pet need to undergo and how far in advance you can procure the health certificate. The airlines are usually very strict about the health certificate, so failure to submit it will just mean your dog won’t be allowed to travel with you.

3. Preparing your pet:

It is only understandable that your pet might be uncomfortable with all the noise, smells and sounds it would have to encounter. Prepare your pet by training him in advance. For example, if you dog has not spent a night in a solid sided carrier, then train him a couple of weeks ahead to get him used to being there. Also get the pet accustomed to loud places so they would not be scared when they are encountered with all the commotion in the airport or stations. Also make sure you don’t feed your pet a few hours before the journey, especially if it is an early morning flight. The food could make them sick, so feed them a bit more the day before, if it is necessary.

4. Weather conditions:

All airlines make sure that the weather conditions are not too extreme, before accepting animal for transport. This is mainly for the dog’s safety as when the planes wait on the tarmac for takeoff and landing, the temperatures inside are not controlled. It could be too hot or too cold making the animals uncomfortable. So when you make your reservation, check with the airline what the policies are. They may choose to not let pets in if it is too hot or cold when you are landing.

5. Pet ID tags:

Pet tags or collars are a very important travel accessory and it is important that your dog or cat wears one whenever you take them out of your home. So when traveling abroad or to a new city, make sure you have written own extra details like the owners local contact details and maybe even the rabies tags. Secure them well around the pets’ neck so it wouldn’t fall off.

Conclusion: Traveling with your pet by air, water or land is a great responsibility. Along with preparing the pet, you will also have to mentally prepare yourself for the long and tiring journey. Take into account all hardships and think of ways to calm down your pet in worse case scenarios. Make sure you have everything in place and remember a pet tagging along on your holiday shouldn’t ruin your plans.


About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is very fond of pets since her childhood and do her best to provide them proper care and love. Currently she is planning to start blogging on beauty portal covering topics like hair care, skin care, eyes makeup and nail care.

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