Nurture your pet the natural way: Eco friendly pet products

I love my pets, and I am sure all pet owners do that. However, many pet owners are not aware of the fact that green treatments are now not just limited to human beings, but they are spreading their gracious tentacles to our pets as well. Going green not only assures a better health to our pets, but also to our beloved planet ‘Earth’. The initiative towards providing our pets and planet, an invulnerable life through the massive dimensions of ‘Green’, can be done in many ways. They are as follows:

Pet edibles

Minimize giving your pet chemical-ridden food stuffs and switch over to eco friendly options. Try adding extra nutrients to your pet’s diet, such as brewer’s yeast. The addition of brewer’s yeast to your pet’s food shall make it free of fleas and ticks as well. Some of such organic food stuffs are Merrick’s dog food, Newman’s own organic pet food, etc.

Pet care products

If you ever get a chance, go through the contents of the dog and cat shampoos and other care products, available in the market. You will realize that you expose your furry family member to some vicious chemicals, in the form of those items. Therefore it is recommendable that you opt for organic products, such as Aubrey Organics shampoo and Vermont Soap Organics for dogs. There are also many non-toxic lotions and sprays available in the market that keeps away fleas and other critters.

Go for eco friendly kitty litter and poop bags

Although Kitty Litter seems harmless, as they are made up of clay, but the story is not as it seems. There are harmful chemicals amalgamated with clay, which causes respiratory ailments to your pet. Hence, it is advisable that you go for natural Kitty Litters such as, Swheat Scoop and Green tea clumping cat litter.

Many pet owners have the tendency of leaving behind their pet’s excreta, after they are done with their job. However, they are completely unaware of the fact that it leads to soil pollution by a greater extent.

Therefore, make sure to dispose of the excreta, in bio-degradable bags. They are eco friendly and prevent soil pollution. Dogipot is a very renowned company that produces bio-degradable bags and these are available at various places, like public parks, community areas, etc.

Environment friendly dog beds, collars and toys

The collars we generally use to keep our dogs restrained are made up of synthetic. They are detrimental and therefore should be avoided. Hemp Collars are good substitute to the harmful synthetic ones and moreover they are comparatively stronger than other materials. Hemp collars are stylish and attractive as well. There are many eco friendly dog beds available in the markets which are made up of recycled poly fill.

Just like small children are fond of toys, so are our pets but many times we end up exposing harmful chemicals to them in the form of toys. Therefore, we should opt for recycled pet-toys. They are non-toxic by nature, and are made up of durable and recycled material.

Greendoginc – the best place to hang out with your pet

Taking an initiative towards providing a completely pure pet-friendly environment, Greendoginc has been launched at Chicago. It offers your pet a complete non-toxic and organic environment-including food, toys, etc. Your pet will also be provided with filtered water to quench its thirst and filtered air for respiration. It charges $45 for a night halt, and if you plan to give a day visit it will cost you $28 for two days in a week. It is the best place to hang out with your pet.

Our lives have been touched with the essence of ‘green’, since a long time. Now it’s the time for our most beloved family members. Let the miracles of ‘green’ improve their life style and ensure them a better health. We must also not forget our beloved planet, which has been providing us with all our needs, since the origin of time. Now it’s time for us to take care of it. So common guys, let’s go green and provide a sanguine life to our pets, as well as to our planet-Earth.


About the author:  Alia Haley is a blogger and a hard core follower of eco friendly existence. From pet care to her house she makes sure that everything is environmental friendly. By profession she is into marketing business and hence, she has been lately interested in blogging on luxury. She frequently writes on most expensive things in the world and her latest article is on the world most expensive house.

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