Wellness Care Plan

Just like humans, your pet deserves the best care and we know how to keep them healthy with our wellness plans.

Why do I need a Pet Wellness Care Plan?

Clinical Exams

Pets do not know how to communicate their problems but through thorough examination (inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation) your veterinarian can provide an accurate diagnosis.

Disease Prevention

Early detection of potential health issues by a veterinarian can help to prevent serious problems and save the life of your pet. Disease prevention makes treatment more successful and less costly to pet owners.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are an essential tool in assessing your pet’s health comprehensive wellbeings and key in helping a veterinarian make proper decisions and diagnoses when it comes to your pets.

Some Problems Detected During A Wellness Exam?

Metabolic Disorders

Your pets are an important part of your family and as they grow older, they are prone to all kinds of diseases. A metabolic disorder is not a disease but can lead to other more serious disease conditions when unattended to.

Parasitic Diseases

You may discover that your pet is itching, is not quite as active as it used to be, and may seem tired or debilitated. Parasites can sneak on your pet at any age and time and may lead to serious health conditions.

Chronic Diseases

Pet can get many forms of chronic or advanced diseases that could have been detected early during examinations. Early detection of any major health issues can provide your pet with a better chance of surviving.

What Is Covered Under Puppy and Dog Plan?

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