General Care

At Innova, we know that your pet is more than just an animal in your home. Your pet is a member of your family and your dependable companion. It means you care deeply about them and at Innova, we love them even more.

We are equipped with the latest technology that allows us to provide a wide range of general veterinary care like vaccination, parasite control, nutritional, dental, gastrointestinal, urinary bladder, ophthalmic, fracture, poisonings or seizures, pet hit by a car, bleeding, and more.
Below are the categories of general care services that we provide at our hospital.

Our General Care By Category

Preventive Care

Which includes vaccinations, parasite control (heartworm, flea/tick, deworming), nutritional counseling,dental care, behavioral counseling and comprehensive examinations.

Surgical Procedures Care

Wound care, gastrointestinal, urinary bladder procedures, ophthalmic and orthopedic procedures, spay/neuter, dental procedures, mass removals.

Treatment Care

Acute – Dehydration, parasite infections (internal & external), bacterial & viral infections, ear infections, anal gland infections, urinary tract infections, skin conditions & allergies, upper respiratory illness, acute injuries (struck by car, fractures, sprains, strains), intestinal foreign objects, ingested toxins (foods, plants, household chemicals, etc.), behavioral disorders, vomiting, diarrhea.

Chronic – Chronic allergies, diabetes mellitus, periodontal disease, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, arthritis.

In house Labs and Imaging Care

Blood chemistry panel, complete blood count, parasite testing, pre-surgical blood work, Lyme disease, FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), Ehrlichia, Ultrasound and Digital X-ray.

Emergency Care

Such as wound and fracture, poisonings or seizures, pet hit by a car, bleeding, seizure, difficulty urinating, vomiting excessively, excessive diarrhea, difficult giving birth.

Exotic Care

Exotic pet care which includes varieties of exotic birds, fish, rabbit, and small mammals.

Wellessnes Plan

Just like humans, your pet deserves the best care and we know how to keep them healthy with our wellness plans.

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